Beraltors, The Game!

Beraltors is a Metroidvania action-RPG for PC being released on Steam. Instead of collecting powerups that let you reach new areas like in a most Metroidvanias, in Beraltors, you unlock new monster called Beraltors that can all do different things.

There are over 60 different playable Beraltors. No one Beraltors is perfect, so you are going to have to use them all to win the day and beat the bad buy. Wait who is the bad guy?

The Plot


Grand Master Niln

This is your dad, Niln, a famous wizard. He is such a cute old man and you just love to hug him.  Bad news is that he has been kidnapped


Bad Man Lorenze

This is Lorenze. He is a bad dude even though, I gotta say, he looks perfect. Man I wish I could work out with him. Just have him spot me for a few reps. He took your father for something weird, I don't know, lots of mysterious stuff going on.


The Hero Vidda

These Iguanites are fire type Beraltors. They can swim in lava and withstand very hot temperatures. They focus more on projectiles but that doesn't mean they are cowards.


Gubbo, Beraltor Scientist

Gubbo, your best friend and guider on this journey. This beraltor is a Beraltor scientist and knows lots of good knowledge. Gubbo is the one who told you about your father Niln, and is the one pushing you through to the end.

Other Important Characters


Chinchelder, Head of Tramanthians, a religious group devoted to Tramanth, the sun Beraltor God. They want to purify the lands.


Raehje, servent of Lorenze. This Beraltor serves Lorenze on his dark mission. This Beraltor seems to have some misgivings about it though, also ber wears a nice hat!


Mizoka at one time was a wizard herself. She trained under Niln and is quite talented. She seems to know a lot about what is going on but doesn't seem to be in the mood to get involved.

Moe, the Otterror

This is Moe, Ber is a friend of Mizoka. This Beraltor is only looking to help out. Ber is trying to do the right thing and makes friends in the process. Nice job Moe!

Meet Some Beraltors

In the game there are over 64 different Beraltors, each with different elements, stats and attacks. Choosing the right Beraltor for the right situation is crucial to overcoming challenging circumstances and reaching new heights! Lets learn more about some of our Beraltor friends!



Your favorite neighborhood Beraltor!

The Wolfape is a beast type Beraltor. He loves a good fight and is a good battler through and through! Beast types excel in close range fighting and can bounce on enemies' heads to hurt them.



Shelled Beraltor who is an absolute star.

The Lobstar is both an earth type and a water type Beraltor. This means he can't be hurt by spikes (very nice) and he is able to swim around like one of those Olympics professionals. Such grace in a defensive beast is kind of rare.



Explosive fiery Beraltor who may or may not be cold blooded.

These Iguanites are fire type Beraltors. They can swim in lava and withstand very hot temperatures. They focus more on projectiles but that doesn't mean they are cowards.

Elements and Attacks

There are 8 different elements and 8 different attacks for each element. This adds up to 64 attacks. Each element is strong against some elements and weak to others, i.e. Water does extra damage to Fire Beraltors. Below are some samples of attacks!

Fire Punch

The Basic attack of the fire kind. Simple, effective, elegant, a solution for attacking with fire.


An earth attack that grows stalagmites from the floor and knocks foes upward. Useful against those ground huggers.


An advanced Beast attack that bites a foe and heals for an amount of damage done. Not all Beraltors are tasty, but we all gotta eat.


An advanced Water attack that lets you surf on the water like one of those cool middle school kids. Yeah Colin, we get it.

Other fun game stuff

There are tons of other good stuff in the game. I won't spoil it all but here is a look at some of it.


Lots of Menus and Numbers!

Your Beraltors have different base stats. On top of that, they have randomized names which change how the develop even more. Lots of variety to explore out there!

Big Map to Explore!

There is a big world out there. There is about 400 of these squares and all of them are connected. You will need the right Beraltor to explore them all though. This is just a partially explored map.


Hire buddies to fight with you!

In town you can hire friends to take on the world with you. Friends are good and even pay when you are paying them to be your friend.


Equip Exciting Items!

Items make you stronger and express your individuality. Don't forget to equip them and upgrade them often.

There is much more!

I don't want to spoil all the secrets that Beraltors has in store, so pick it up at your friendly steam store soon!